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Rolling Stone by Bill Zehme

Hello and welcome. You have begun to read something we like to call the Albert Brooks Celebrity Profile. This is an exciting opportunity for you to learn about Albert Brooks, a man most experts believe to be the funniest human being currently living. You say, If Albert Brooks is so funny, why haven’t I seen more of him? The answer is not simple, but let me ask you this: Is it necessary to see more of someone in order to appreciate how funny he or she is? In fact, aren’t most people actually funnier in retrospect than they are when you’re with them? And whats funny, anyway? It’s a foolish word, when you think about it. Funny. How would you like to be called funny? It’s not exactly dignified, is it? Therefore, if people were running around calling you the funniest man alive, maybe you wouldn’t want to be making a public spectacle of yourself. Maybe you’d like a little privacy and prefer to stay at home and watch a great deal of television and think about death. Well, thats what comedian-auteur Albert Brooks has done, and now he’s ready to talk about it – just in time to coincde with the release of his fourth film in twelve years, Defending Your Life, in which he and Meryl Streep portray two very funny dead people.

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