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To The Top

People Magazine by PAM LAMBERT

Back in the summer of 1995, Albert Brooks began searching for a woman to play the title role in his new movie, Mother, a comedy about a middle-aged writer (Brooks) who, after two divorces, tries to straighten out his life by moving in with his mom. Doris Day turned him down, saying that at age 72 she was through with films. Nancy Reagan, 75, met with Brooks but felt she couldn’t spend the time away from her ailing husband. Then Brooks got the idea to ask Debbie Reynolds, 64, star of Singin’ in the Rain (1952) and mother of his friend Carrie Fisher. After hearing her read one scene, recalls Reynolds, Brooks said, ” `You’ve got the part.’ I said, `Albert, you shouldn’t take me on just one scene. Shouldn’t I read two?’ And he said, `See, you’re bossing me around already.’ ”
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