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Feeling More Lost Than Ever

Los Angeles Times By Patrick Goldstein

Albert Brooks, who satirized America’s voyeuristic streak two decades ago, ponders the world of ‘Survivor’ and ‘Millionaire.’

ALBERT BROOKS first feature film, “Real Life,” made 21 years ago, was about a madcap filmmaker who attempts to document the everyday world of a model suburban family of four. But what begins as cinema verite ends up as cinema carnival as the director, played by Brooks, proceeds to pester, manipulate and ultimately destroy their lives. The satire was loosely based on a popular 1970s PBS documentary series “An American Family,” where a filmmaker chronicled the day-to-day life of the Loud family of Santa Barbara.

Not everyone got the joke. Brooks says that Rex Reed lambasted “Real Life,” saying, “Why would a studio give this idiot the money to do this kind of nutty experiment?”
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