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Albert Brooks Extensive Interview by Judd Apatow in Vanity Fair

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Albert Brooks in Vanity Fair’s January 2013 issue.

“Twitter is the Devil’s playground,” says Albert Brooks (384,000 followers and counting). “I don’t know if I’m addicted. It’s a horrible waste of time for the writer of it, the reader of it. We will lose the war to China because of Twitter.”

Brooks tells Vanity Fair Comedy Issue guest editor Judd Apatow (who directed him in his new movie, This Is 40) that the subjects of dying and death are constantly on his mind. “I mean, this getting-old stuff is something,” Brooks says. “I think I envy my dog, because my dog is 16 and she’s limping and she’s still living, but she doesn’t look at me like she knows. She’s not thinking what I’m thinking. It’s a cruel trick, that we all know the ending.”

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Albert tells Amazing Stories on Letterman

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The first rule of doing the late night talk show circuit is “Be Interesting”. Now, Albert Brooks is generally a pretty interesting guy, so you wouldn’t think this would be a struggle. But when you’ve been holed up in a room writing and have nothing else going on, you find yourself pressed for humorous true-life anecdotes.

Fortunately, for Albert Brooks, he has a fantastic imagination. But he also has a guilty conscience. Watch part one of Albert Brooks’ tall tales above and part two below.

THIS is a crazy story.

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