Defending Your Life

Defending Your Life

About the Movie

At dusk on his birthday, Daniel Miller heads off alone in his new car, determined to make the next decade of his life much better than the last, when…he runs smack into a bus. The next thing he knows, he’s somewhere else in the universe – Judgement City. Thus begins Defending Your Life, a new motion picture from one of the country’s most innovative filmmakers, Albert Brooks. Defending Your Life, “the first true story of what happens after you die,” is a Geffen Film Company presentation of a Warner Bros. Release.

Brooks, who wrote and directed Defending Your Life, teams up with a distinguished ensemble cast. Included are Meryl Streep, whose performances have set the standard for screen acting during the past decade – Rip Torn, one of America’s great character actors – Academy Award-winning actress Lee Grant – and the multi-talented Buck Henry. This incredible cast takes us through an entirely new look at the afterlife. No angels, no harps, no wings. Rather, judges, defenders and prosecutors, all there to get you through the process of…Defending Your Life.

Defending Your Life is produced by Michael Grillo, co-produced by Robert Grand and executive produced by Herbert S. Nanas.

From the Defending Your Life press kit, Geffen Film Company, 1991